Our Focus

Transfusable Blood Components:

transfusable bloodFor decades, donor-derived supplies of transfusable blood components have failed to keep up with increasing demand. This continual shortfall has prompted efforts to develop safe and effective blood substitutes which can be produced from non-immunoreactive sources and in limitless quantities. We are exploring the utility of pluripotent stem cells to serve as an alternative source for producing various life-saving components of the blood including red blood cells (RBCs), megakaryocytes/platelets, and bone marrow repopulating cells.

Vascular Repair Cells:

vascular repair cellsSeveral diseases, in various organ systems, are characterized by the destruction of vascular tissues and/or irreversible damage to specific endothelial cell populations. Major research efforts at SCRMI are focused on developing cell based-therapies for the repair and regeneration of damaged tissues associated with a wide variety of age-related conditions. Areas of research currently include retinal vascular, cardiovascular, and ischemic vascular repair.